About the Michigan Bow Hunters Association

Michigan Bow Hunters constantly strives to improve regulations for all hunting archers while at the same time always on the alert for legislation which would not serve in the best interest of bow hunters.

Michigan Bow Hunter Association History

In 1946 a group of Michigan Pioneer archers decided that bowhunters needed official recognition to promote their sport. Through the effort of these dedicated individuals, the Michigan Bow Hunters Association was formed.

Since 1946, MBH has been dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of bowhunters.

MBH is an independent, nonprofit organization, who's officers are elected by the membership, and its activities are governed by the MBH Constitution.

What the MBH is doing and has done for bowhunters

Most of the liberal hunting regulation which Michigan hunting archers enjoy today are a direct result of the effort of the Michigan Bow Hunters Association. Some examples include

  • The 77 day separate deer season for bowhunters in Michigan
  • An any-deer archery season in all counties of the state
  • The privilege of shooting rough fish with bow and arrow in most Michigan lakes and streams
  • The exemption of public lands from county bans on Sunday hunting in southern Michigan
  • Removal of the regulation which required an unstrung bow to be encased while transported in an automobile during shooting hours
  • The right to hunt with bow and arrow from elevated stands
  • The introduction of the International Bowhunter Education Program (I.B.E.P.)

What the MBH has done for Community Service