Michigan Bow Hunter News

News and Reports:

2014 December Legislative Report By: Michigan Bow Hunters
2015-2016 Conservation Coalition priority memorandum By: Michigan Bow Hunters
2014 July Legislative Report By: Michigan Bow Hunters
New Laws Increase Fines for Poaching Antlered Deer, Recreational Trespass By: Michigan Bow Hunters
New License Fee Structure By: Michigan Bow Hunters
New Hunting License Structure FAQ By: Michigan Bow Hunters
Antler Point Restriction in NW Lower Peninsula By: Michigan DNR
Antler Point Restriction FAQ By: Michigan DNR

MBH Articles of Interest:

Understanding Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) By: The Minnesota DNR
The Perception of Michigan Deer Hunters Regarding Quality Deer Management (QDM) By: Dr. Ben Peyton and Peter Bull

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